8 Years in Ethiopia. Memories in Snapshots

Eight years ago, our family of four left everything we knew and moved to Ethiopia. We had originally planned to come for one year to see if God had more for us here. His plans were so much bigger than our own. To live and work in Africa was a dream I carried in my … [Read more…]

They Found Each Other!

As we approach the New Year, we find ourselves reflecting on the year past, looking ahead, and making new year resolutions. For many of us the New Year means another chance to get it right, a ‘do over’, or a new beginning. So it only feels right, as we enter 2014 to share this story … [Read more…]

She didn’t get to keep her Mother

A new born baby is brought to Grace. Alone. Abandoned. Nameless.   My soul aches.   Why didn’t this mother know about Grace? Why didn’t she come to see us? Had the mother come, this baby could have kept her mother. But she didn’t get to. Maybe she will never know her.

Moving, Meskel, Mumps and More!

Happy New Year! I hope this post finds you feeling 7 years younger, as we celebrated the beginning of the year 2006 (on September 11) here in Ethiopia. New Years Day at Grace was celebrated with lunch and a coffee ceremony at Grace Children’s Home, with the staff, volunteers and children living in full time … [Read more…]

Is There Grace for Children in Prison?

We are so excited share with you an opportunity Grace has had in starting a new project recently, an area of great need. When Grace was approached by Regional Women Affairs to provide services to the 150+ children in the region who live in prison with their mothers, we sat listening speechless and broken that these … [Read more…]

What We Have Learnt In The Last 7 Years.

This month we celebrate  7 years in Ethiopia! Our hearts are so grateful for the time spent here, all the things that God has done to bring us to the place we are at, and our biggest accomplishments here- our enlarged family and being a part of the Grace Centre.  I have been doing a lot of reflecting … [Read more…]

Bereket the Blessing

I’d like to introduce Bereket.   One year ago Bereket would slide around on his bottom or be carried by his mother, he would grunt or cry when he wanted something. He was unable to walk or

Have You Lost It?

Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane pleading with his Father in anguish, ‘Lord if it be your will, remove this cup from me…’ These words convict me deeply as I have felt this prayer in my heart in recent days. ‘Lord, if it be your will, remove this cup, this responsibility, this burden, from … [Read more…]

Life Reflections

Our guest post today is from Kate Irwin, one of Grace Centre’s long term volunteers from Australia. Kate has been volunteering with Grace since 2009 and is a valuable team member, mentor to many, and a close friend of mine. Her reflections on her daily life and the challenges she faces, are beautiful, insightful and encouraging. Enjoy! “Life… … [Read more…]