You, Me and Community

When we set out to create the concept of community for our disconnected single mothers who had no family I never expected, in doing this, we would find ourselves in a community unlike any we had ever experienced. A community of friendship and family who have taught us what it really means

A Year of Grace. 2012

  What a year it has been! I reflect on 2012 and the year we have had at Grace- the flood, deaths, births, graduations, relocations, growth! This year has held such change. Some negative challenges. Many positives. We hope you had a Merry Christmas! From everyone here at Grace Ethiopia, we pray that your new … [Read more…]

30 Inspirations!

There are many things that continue to inspire me here. They continue to prove that this life we live is not in vain. Each day holds purpose in bringing hope to the hopeless, healing to the broken hearted,  reuniting families, educating mothers, giving opportunities to families who see no way of survival. Bringing meat to … [Read more…]


Today we celebrate 6 years since we first arrived in Ethiopia. I look back on the last 6 years with its many ups and downs. How far we have come! I am blown away with all that has been accomplished, the people we have met, the lives I am privileged to know. I am blown … [Read more…]

Let It Rain. Let It Rain. Let It Rain!

Today’s blog comes with a plea for prayer and an expectation that God will move. A couple of weeks ago I posted photos on my facebook of the kids celebrating the rainy season beginning. They ran around and splashed in puddles and had a shower in the pouring rain. Since then it had rained only … [Read more…]

Happy Easter – Melkam Fasika!

It was Easter in Ethiopia this weekend, a week later than the rest of the world. Here it is called Fasika. I love Easter in Ethiopia. Actually it is my most favourite time of year here. Most Ethiopian Orthodox Christians finish a 55 day fast on the morning of Fasika (precisely 3am in the morning). … [Read more…]

Step Forward!

Some days it is hard to step up and be all I am expected to be. Like today, I want to run and hide. I want to go back to being the person who has responsibilities only for my husband and children. And some days even that is a challenge. I don’t want to have … [Read more…]

This Story Has To Be Told!

Celebrating Shashi's 2nd Birthday

You know how when you meet someone so extraordinary, or something happens in your life that is so compelling, so out there that you can’t help but want to share it? How can you not! That’s how I have felt about Workinesh and her daughter Shashi. The change in their lives has been so amazing … [Read more…]