Why We Do What We Do!

So we are heading back to Ethiopia in two weeks. I have had some time to do some reflecting, not a lot (5 kids etc, that’s life), but have been asking myself why I do what I do. Many people have asked me this too. And I have found myself asking this question several times … [Read more…]

Australian Adventures

Berhani at Stradbroke

With our stay in Australia already more than half way finished, I wanted to make sure I shared some of our journey here with you. I can’t believe it has been 2 months since we have been back, yet at the same time feel that it has been so long since we were at Grace. … [Read more…]

Update on Grace

May grace girls, Etegang

Hi friends, I thought you would be interested in reading the update we sent out to our Australian Grace supporters this month. Toward the end of the update, we share an inspiring story of a special young girl and her family. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, let … [Read more…]

The Value of Tears

I have been thinking a lot about the value of our tears… Sara, my eldest daughter came home on Monday from running one of the girls groups. On Mondays, she spends time with about 10 teenage girls aged 13-19years old, from a poor village we have been working with. Sometimes they sit and talk, make … [Read more…]

Faith Regardless

I know the last blog was a little heavy, and I am sorry if the read is too hard, I promise they will not always be sad ones, but I don’t feel like I am quite finished sharing my journey through Deanna’s death. In her last few hours of life, I held her little hand, … [Read more…]