Bereket the Blessing

I’d like to introduce Bereket.

"Look Aunty Dee. I'm so clever!"


One year ago Bereket would slide around on his bottom or be carried by his mother, he would grunt or cry when he wanted something. He was unable to walk or communicate.


Bereket with his mother and little sister.


Recently I watched Bereket push his stroller all the way from Grace Centre to Big Day Care to pick up his little sister.

As I watched on, Bereket exclaimed in Amharic “Look Aunty Dee, I am clever!” He is so proud of himself. We are all so proud of him!


Bereket 1


Bereket attends Grace Day Care 6 days a week. He has his own special needs carer Eyerus who works very hard with him and  has been trained specifically with his special need. He is the second child Eyerus has taught to walk and communicate. Recently Bereket needed to travel to Addis to have his eyes tested. Eyerus volunteered to care for Bereket’s little sister so his mother could travel with him.


Bereke & Eyerus his carer, 1 year ago.



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Dee xx


  1. Shelley Woodward

    WOW!!! Go Bereket! Thanks Dee for posting this great news. It’s a great encouragement to us to see what a difference Grace has made for him.

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