Children Need Families

For our children living and growing up in Grace Children’s Home, some for the past nine years, there’s no question that they receive love and care and that all of their physical needs are met, but they deserve more. They need more.

Grace Children’s Home was never intended to be a permanent solution. It was to be a transitional home while a better one was found. Better meaning with a permanent family.

Since the very beginnings of Grace, when our family took in two small toddler boys while we waited for formal approval to begin Grace, our goals have been keeping families together and orphan prevention. We have sought to do this by offering support to at risk families by equipping and developing them to be able to make lasting changes in their lives.We have been very successful for the most part with more than 50 families graduating and becoming self sufficient, over 40 reunifications of children back into their birth families and in the last year alone we have had more than 10 children be adopted by local Ethiopian families.

But still there are children, children who are double orphans or have been abandoned, that continue to grow up in Grace Children’s Home. And as they grow older, their chances of adoption grow slimmer. Although we have done our best to create an environment where the children receive great care and genuine love, it is still, in essence, institutional care. Our kids attend school with regular kids but are constantly struggling to fit in. Not only are they dealing with, and healing from, tremendous trauma and pain but they see themselves as different.  The other kids see them as different. They are labelled ‘the Grace kids’ for what they lack – a family.

Our kids deserve better, they need better.

So our kids are getting families!

I have been so blessed to be here in Ethiopia for the beginning of two special  foster families.

Meet Aunt Wubalem and Aunt Zerfie with Dagim, Abatu, Sammy, Ashagarea, Muse,  Mesgano and Habtamu

The boys with their Aunties

And meet Aunt Enatanesh with Tigist, Metages, Yodarnos and Elsa.

The girls with their Aunty

You can be a part of enabling these kids to continue to grow up, through sponsorship and regular or one off donations. Full sponsorship for one child growing up in foster care is $150 per month.

This weekend we celebrated these new families with a festive lunch at the boys home and a coffee ceremony the following day at the girls home. For some of our kids, this is the first time they have lived out of Grace Children’s Home, while for others it has been years. Please be praying for our children and their Aunts as they transition to their new families.

Worku (Senior Social Worker) and Abebe (KG Coordinator) who live in the same compound as the boys.

Worku (Senior Social Worker) and Abebe (KG Coordinator) who live in the same compound as the boys.

This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Alan and Carrie Montgomery and the entire Senior Staff at Grace. They are an incredible team of people and we are privileged to call them friends.

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