Have You Lost It?

Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane pleading with his Father in anguish, ‘Lord if it be your will, remove this cup from me…’ These words convict me deeply as I have felt this prayer in my heart in recent days. ‘Lord, if it be your will, remove this cup, this responsibility, this burden, from me. I don’t want to carry it anymore! It’s too heavy, it’s too hard, I am too tired, too sick, and too lonely. It’s just too hard’. My tears are not of blood but they carry a deep burden of much brokenness.

Even in Jesus anguish and hearts plea, God did not swoop down to rescue him. And Jesus, in all his ability, didn’t choose to walk away, even though he could have and very much wanted to be delivered from his fate. He chose to walk in obedience, to finish the race that was set before him.

I listened to most of (as much as internet and electricity allowed) a great sermon this morning from our home church In Australia about not giving up on the dream that is in your heart. To resurrect what lays in within you and live out all God has called you to. It confirmed my convictions in reflecting on Luke22:42 this week.

I found strength in this passage this Easter.

Eternal perspective.

In life’s daily struggles and challenges, it’s easy to lose it.


Have you lost it? Do you need to find it again?

Be encouraged. Find your dream, something of worth. Don’t give up. Run with it!


Dee xx

P.S- I pray you have a great Easter!

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