Sewing Stitches of Hope at the Grace Centre

Last week, Grace Centre sent 192 children back to school!

the older children in Bahir Dar Prison just after they received their school bags and uniforms last year.

The older children in Bahir Dar Prison just after they received their school bags and uniforms last year.


These 192 children and teenagers are from extremely poor families. These are children that would not get the same opportunities to attend school, to learn, to receive tutoring, nutrition and medical care if it wasn’t for YOU.

Photo by Bron Mathews

Preparing the Preschool aged children for school

It is always such an encouragement when people get involved in what is happening at Grace. Take Simon Wade for example. He and his family recently spent a year in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Simon is the owner of Sky Diving Services LLC in the USA.

Photo by Marcie Erickson

Simon with his twin boys

Simon came to see Grace Centre one day and enquired about our children’s school uniforms.  He began helping us by creating our very own small uniform factory! This has saved us hundreds of dollars this year and enabled Grace to start a new business venture. Simon was able to train two of our Grace mothers with the industrial sewing machines that he bought and donated to Grace. The quality of the uniforms is very high and it is encouraging to know the durability is far greater than the uniforms we were previously buying each year. Eventually we hope to have uniforms stocked in sizes and colours for the various schools.

Photo by Marcie Erickson

Simon teaching Kidist (I wrote a previous blog post about Kidist in Feb 2013…she has an amazing story if you get a chance to read it)

On the smallest scale we could save about $5000 a year by providing our own children with uniforms and on the bigger scale we could potentially provide for a great portion of the running costs for Grace Centre. This is an amazing investment. But we still need your help. Simon was intending to return to Ethiopia to complete the training but was not able to. Now Grace Centre is in need of a qualified sewer or dressmaker with experience using industrial machines to come complete the training. If you know of someone or are a great sewer yourself and have always wanted to do something like this, please enquire through our website about volunteering opportunities.

Elshaddai and her mother

Elshaddai and her mother

Tigist and her twins

Tigist and her twins


Once again, I want to thank you all for supporting Grace Centre, for praying for us, for sponsoring a child, donating, volunteering and sending aid. You are truly making a difference.



If you would like to see more about Simon’s work at the Grace Centre, you can follow the link below:

Thank you for being a part of this journey.


Dee xxx


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  1. Beautiful, Dee. Well, done. I also spoke to Krys and Simon said that Weletemariam has good training and also when Krys goes back in December we can hire Kedist to do sewing. So it is great! Love you.

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