She didn’t get to keep her Mother

A new born baby is brought to Grace. Alone. Abandoned. Nameless.


My soul aches.


Why didn’t this mother know about Grace? Why didn’t she come to see
us? Had the mother come, this baby could have kept her mother. But she
didn’t get to. Maybe she will never know her.

Abandonded baby girl


Orphan prevention works. But it’s so sad when it’s not prevented.




So we pray for the mother in her circumstances.


Mother and baby


Maybe this was her choice. But often a mother here doesn’t realise she
has the choice. She believes that the poverty she lives in and the
situation her baby was born into dictates that she has no choice but
to leave her child. She feels forced to abandon her child to a life
where they will possibly (if the baby lives) grow up without knowing  their
past, their history, who they were, who loved them and knew them even
if it was just for a moment.

Poverty never justifies a child growing up without her birth mother.

Nor does it, in my opinion, justify adoption. A mother should never
have to feel she has to abandon her child because she simply cannot
afford to keep him.

To hear stories in the news like the one in China where a baby
was found in a sewer breaks my heart. It is real. We had the same
happen here where a mother gave birth and dropped her live newborn
baby down the toilet hole. He, unfortunately, did not make it.

I know that this is a complex issue. It is not acceptable to just say
‘This is wrong!’ There has to be some kind of solution, some strategy
offered, to keep children with families.

At Grace Centre, we do all we can to keep families together. Orphan
prevention is our focus. We work with families, providing various
services- day care, health care, education, counselling and skills
training to equip mothers and families to be together.

We believe in this. I have seen it work with my own eyes, time and time again. For just $40 a month you can give a mother hope. Allow a baby to keep her mother. $40. Day Care. Food. Medical cover. Education. Counselling, Community… Hope.

In my next blog, I will share a story of orphan prevention, where two
small children were abandoned and brought to Grace, and the hope that
sprang from that.

Thank you again for being a part of this journey.


Dee xxx

Grace nanny caring for abandoned baby

A Grace nanny caring for a baby in Grace Children’s Home, a temporary care facility set up to care for orphaned and abandoned children, also for children who temporarily can not be with their families.


  1. Comadrona

    Just wondering why the mother above is not breastfeeding (unless she is HIV positive). Even so, a photo of a bottle feeding mother gives the wrong message. Surely that is one of the key messages we need to get out there – formula can be a death sentence in many developing countries, as I am sure you are aware.

    • deeknife

      I absolutely agree with you. We recommend and encourage breastfeeding at Grace, when a mother is HIV free. Unfortunately the lady holding the bottle and baby is not the babies mother, she is one of our carers at our Grace Children’s Home. With the absence of the babies mother, the child is bottle feeding. I was not trying to condone bottle feeding, but the picture was meant to represent the care we give. Thanks for the comment, I will title the pic so others will understand.

  2. Faye Jordan

    Dee – thank you for keeping this on our radar here in our affluent culture in Australia. Because of Grace, Ethiopia was less confronting for me than the poverty affects I now work amongst in the Indigenous Community in Australia with intergenerational trauma, high levels of drug and alcohol abuse impacting children beyond words. Please pray for our indigenous children in Australia as well.

  3. pip Patchet

    when I pray for our adopted daughters birth Mums ,it is so sad that they might have given up these darlying little ones because of poverty, or lack of family and community support. sadly abandonment means they are unable to know how the girls are, or have a chance of meetig them. pregancy ,labour and birth and the risk they took to leave their newborns safely at the hospital. Its huge. I would rather lose an arm than one of our children,

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