Sofia’s Journey to Hope

Today I have a post from Marcie Erickson, Co-founder and Co-director of Grace Centre. It has been an absolute pleasure to to do life with Marcie for the last 8 years. I love the way she shares the stories of our mothers and children and captures these moments in photos. Sofia’s story is a fitting one to share to end 2014 and begin the new year as it is a story of second chances, renewed hope and new beginnings. May you be encouraged that 2015 holds many life changing possibilities for you.

Here is Sofia’s journey to hope….

Kidnapped at 13, forced to marry a strange man, Sophia bore seven children over the next 20 years. She endured years of constant spousal abuse involving fractured bones and stabbings.

Having attempted suicide multiple times, Sophia named her last child, “Final” because she knew she could not survive much longer.

A volunteer Spanish doctor visiting many projects in Ethiopia asked if someone could help Sofia and her children, but no one was willing to help her.

Then she heard about Grace Center.


Sofia arrives in Bahir Dar

Sofia arrives in Bahir Dar

Traveling for almost three days, a weary Sophia and her children arrived at Grace Center. There they were welcomed with the security of a home, trauma counseling, healing prayer, and her children could attend school for the first time.

Sofia and her children are probably the happiest people we have in Grace Center. She praises and thanks God for her life and the lives of her children.

And she has something she hasn’t had for a long time, hope for her future.


Sofia and family today

Sofia and family today

Grace Center won’t stop at this. God provides the possibilities, as Sophia and her family continue to develop into what God created and called them to be.

Why help Grace Center?

We serve the children and families who have no other options in the ravaged areas of Ethiopia.

We strive to keep families together and help them to become self-sufficient. Impoverished mothers would otherwise feel compelled to abandon their children.

For $45/month you can sponsor a child (the cost of one small coffee a day), which gives your child food, clothing, medical care, education, other vital necessities and most of all the hope and love of Christ. For $150/year you can give an impoverished individual the ability to experience Grace Center’s life affirming services.

Grace Center is the only one of its kind in all of Ethiopia:
We started the first Infant Day Care Program in Ethiopia.
We graduated families who no longer need our help.
We are the only organization ministering to the innocent children growing up in prison with their mothers.

Why help Grace Center NOW?

Grace Center serves 2,400 people each quarter, with 7,000 additional people affected. Without Grace Center, Sophia and many others would have no hope.

How many Sophia’s are you called to help?

We need your help to raise $50,000 by December 31st to help those in desperate need. Won’t you consider a loving donation to save the lives of God’s precious children and families? See the enclosed card on how your donation can give hope to the hopeless today.

Thank you for partnering with us now as we continue God’s work at Grace Center.

Much love and blessings.
Marcie Erickson
Founding Co-Director
Grace Center for Children and Families
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia (USA) (AUS)

PS. Any amount of help coming from your heart will be so appreciated to rescue so many individuals like Sophia and her family.


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